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Game of Themes Sizzle Reel!

Posted by on Jan 20, 2015

Adam Rudegeair Jazz Trio

I have a show called Game of Themes, which started life as a way for me to get away from ensemble performance and focus on a solo piano concert. This way I could rehearse at my convenience, I didn’t have to pay anyone else, and if I only performed at venues with a piano, I wouldn’t have to set up any gear. I also was looking forward to making my own piano arrangements of (often orchestral) pieces of film and TV score music and themes, and so getting away from the more improvisatory end of performance, and more into a recital. Of course, I wanted it to be interesting and fun for the audience, and so gradually I added things into the show such as props, audience participation, and aspects of chance, so that every performance would be different! We had a great run at Ruby’s Music Room during Melbourne Fringe 2013, and I’m excited to present it again in 2015 for you (updates to follow).

Here are a few clips from the hour-long show, which features Film and TV music from the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, including (but not limited to): Star Wars, Star Trek, Labyrinth, Back to the Future, Blade Runner, Tron, Robocop, an Arnie medley, and Ewok singalong!

And these are some sketches I recorded while I was developing the show.